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Tired of seeing your fruit go to waste? You can help feed many in our area by donating it to local food shelters & families in need. We will come and pick it for you, prune your trees, and best of all, you get a tax write-off!

Picked for His Purpose Blog

3500lbs in 4 hours!

Yes you read that right! With 1 in 10 people in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties receiving food assistance, this pick will surely put a dent in the hunger fight in our area. Today, we joined forces with Village Harvest, another local organization who similarly helps pick local fruit. With about 20 volunteers, we sent […]

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280 More Lbs!

This past weekend, our volunteers helped us pick another 280 lbs for our neighbors in San Carlos. This was all off of ONE tree! We trimmed it, cut out the dead branches and didn’t leave any fruit hanging. According to the homeowners, this was the best that the tree had looked in four years! A […]

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Let’s Get Picking

It’s getting to be that time again, where we prepare to hit the streets, pick some fruit and help our neighbors. We already have one house that has requested picking, and there are many more abundant trees in the neighborhood. Thus, here’s our plan of attack: Sunday, June 30 – We’ll be sending a group to […]

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Kicking off 2013

Happy new Year! Last year was amazing for our inaugural campaign. We collected almost 3/4 of a Ton of fruit in our efforts, and this year, we’re off to a great start. We set out to collect 2 tons of fruit in 2013, and today, we had our first picking afternoon with 10 amazing volunteers. Thanks to […]

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200lbs in 90 minutes!

No, we’re not talking about weight loss – it’s the amount of lemons, oranges and grapefruits we picked this past weekend. This weekend, our picking team wend to a couple of house in San Carlos who recently received flyers from our street team. Both houses had an abundance of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and soon will […]

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105 lbs Today!

Last weekend, our street teams hit the streets and passed out flyers to the neighborhood surrounding our San Carlos church. Hitting about 150 homes, we shared what our ministry served, and the response was tremendous! In-fact, the next afternoon a lovely lady gave us a call to come pick at her place. With an abundance […]

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2000lbs Challenge!

There’s a ton of fruit! Literally, we think there’s a ton of fruit to pick for families in need. We’ve gone through the neighborhoods and looked at the trees that are ripe for picking, and believe that if we set a high goal, we’ll be able to reach it. So, we challenge you Mid-Peninsula! Let’s […]

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We’ve Launched

Several months ago, we noticed that there are so many homes in our neighborhood who have abundant fruit trees, many of which just have so much fruit that it just rots on the tree or falls to the ground in decay. We believe that God doesn’t want to see this fruit go to waste and […]

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